The One Ministries

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About Us

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Apostle Sid Lathan is a native of Spring Lake, North Carolina, a product of 2nd generation Pastors; he grew up under the benches of the church pews. He graduated from College with a degree in Mathematics, but not without a life changing testimony, that surprised the very Doctors and Nurses that were involved. All of this was part of God's perfect plan in preparing him for Ministry. He has a heart of compassion, a contagious smile that brings calmness to any situation, and a passion for the youth. He is an awesome teacher of the Word,he is the faithful husband to his loving wife, dedicated father and a proud grandfather.

Prophetess Shawna Lathan is a native of Georgetown, Guyana South America, a product of 2nd & 3rd generation Pastors; her first prophetic encounter was with Pastor Benny Hinn after a Pastors conference, he called to her father to bring her up and prophesied over her that God would use her in great and small avenues to carry His Gospel. Challenges came to detour her destiny, but her parents ensured that she stayed in the Word.  A Veteran of the Gulf War, a Nurse, a Writer, a devoted Wife, and Mother & Grandma. She operates in Deliverance and under the mandate of the Prophetic call on her life, she is a powerful prayer warrior and intercessor.